Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

Prior to our first session together, you will complete an extensive intake. Questions will include physical or medical history, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, and lifestyle, such as diet, sleep, digestion, and will ask you to reflect on your goals for our time together. After I receive your intake, we will meet for our first session (either virtual or in-person), during which I might assess your posture, breathing, strength, range of motion, and will clarify anything you included on your intake, and will offer a short practice to help you get started. During subsequent sessions, we will work with a variety of tools to help you design a protocol that works for you to practice at home, outside of our sessions together.


What is the difference between private Yoga and Yoga therapy?

While there may be similarities and some overlap between Yoga therapy and a private yoga class, and both may offer benefits, here is a simple way to describe the difference:

Private Yoga: adapts the person to the practice (such as offering modifications, variations, adjustments within a specific sequence, tool, or group of postures) for a wide group of people with common complaints. Typically does not include extensive medical and personal intake process; goal-setting and home practice; and postural, breath, and movement assessments.

Yoga therapy: adapts the practice to the person (such as offering a wide, fully tailored range of options and therapeutic protocols for more highly specialized groups of people. Includes extensive medical and personal intake process; goal-setting and home practice; and postural, breath, and movement assessments. Requires significantly more study, credentialing, and experience beyond the scope of a private Yoga teacher.

Yoga therapy is its own distinct, highly specialized field of study that integrates evidence-based modern western science, ancient Ayurvedic science, and time-tested Yogic science. While there are benefits to both, Yoga therapists require significantly more training, expertise, and credentialing than private Yoga teachers.


I have little to no experience with Yoga. Is Yoga therapy right for me?

Absolutely. I work with a wide range of clients: those who have never practiced Yoga before, to highly experienced Yoga teachers. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and I will meet you wherever you are on your journey. My only requirement is your commitment to invest in your own healing through consistent practice. That’s it. While I can neither heal you nor give you a pill, I can support you in feeling better.



Will Yoga therapy conflict with my religious beliefs?

No. Yoga therapy is rooted in both modern western science, and a tradition that is more than 5,000 years old. At its core, Yoga is a universal practice designed to cultivate freedom from suffering, accessible to anyone regardless of beliefs or personal traditions. While there is a relationship with Yoga as Hinduism evolved in India, many Yogic practices pre-date Hinduism's origin. I work with clients from all backgrounds, including secular and non-religious to highly devout Catholics, and everyone in between. We can adjust based on your needs and interests.



How often will we meet? 

Some clients prefer to meet weekly, or every 7-10 days or so if that makes more sense for you. If you want the additional support of more frequent sessions to help with accountability, you may prefer to meet twice weekly. Choose whatever works best for you.

(* I have found that most clients experience more immediate and lasting relief and progress when we meet more regularly at first vs. once every few weeks or once per month. Most of us have very busy lives, and more often than not, we tend to forego our self-care when schedules fill up. Speaking from extensive personal experience: when we prioritize our health and commit to holding ourselves accountable through professional support, other aspects of our lives also tend to improve - sometimes drastically.)



Where will we meet?

I offer both virtual and in-person options. There are benefits to both, and you are free to mix and match as needed. Choose what works best for you.

Virtual Sessions:

✔︎ more scheduling flexibility

✔︎ available anywhere in the world

✔︎ save driving time

✔︎ as appropriate, sessions may also be recorded for to reference later 


In-Person Sessions:

✔︎ held at White Lotus Therapeutics, a beautiful wellness center in the Highlands neighborhood (3456 Tejon Street, Denver)

✔︎ if necessary or appropriate, gentle hands-on support or assists

✔︎ additional guidance for using props

✔︎ human energetic connection often lost through a computer screen 


Do you take insurance? What are your rates?

While I do not currently take insurance, I do offer payment plans and occasionally offer equitable pricing models.


What else do I need to know? 

Your commitment to practicing on your own, outside of our sessions together, is an important part of the process. Depending on your goals and needs, I may also provide recordings and other resources to help you stay on track with your goals. 

(I kindly request a minimum of 4 sessions. Yoga therapy is not a one-time quick-fix, nor is it as simple as taking a pill. If you are committed to investing in your own healing, you can benefit significantly from our work together.) 


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