What is Yoga Therapy?

Ever heard yourself say?
"My pain has completely taken over my life."
"I am ready to take my business and my art to the next level."
"I'm just so overwhelmed with everything."
"I want to be more creative, but I'm too exhausted."
"I don't know how to slow down to rest without feeling guilty."
"There has to be more to life than this."
"If I'm not (fill in the blank), who am I?"
"I want to feel better, but I don't know where to start."
I would like to help.


image of white woman with hands in mudra breanne goldman yoga therapy wellness denver for stress relief

Yoga therapy can reduce, manage, or eliminate symptoms while improving function, though is not intended as a cure for disease. I will work with you to co-create and implement a therapeutic plan appropriate to your needs, goals, life circumstances, and which fosters self-inquiry and curiosity for your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing. As its core, Yoga therapy puts you at the center of your own well-being.

While there may be similarities and some overlap, Yoga therapy not a private yoga class, nor is it psychotherapy nor physical therapy. It is its own distinct, highly specialized field of study that integrates evidence-based modern western science, ancient Ayurvedic science, and time-tested Yogic science.

Yoga therapy can be an ideal adjunct therapy to your other existing medical and therapeutic interventions, as it is a fully tailored, holistic approach that considers you as a whole person, rather than treating a symptom, complaint, or diagnosis.


image of bright yoga studio breanne goldman yoga therapy wellness stress relief denver

How will I benefit from Yoga therapy, and what is included?

✔︎ Fully personalized 1:1 support to help you feel better, including a wide spectrum of tools and techniques you can use in daily life

✔︎ With consistent practice, improved quality of life so you can live with less suffering: improved sleep, improved quality of relationships, better manage stress, the possibility are endless

✔︎ Notes from each session to help you stay on track with your goals, including additional practices and resources to use outside of our work together

✔︎ HIPAA-compliant communication portal

✔︎ As appropriate: free, customized recordings (audio or video) tailored to your specific goals and needs, which you can use anytime

✔︎ A nurturing, supportive, highly experienced Yoga teacher (and Yoga therapist candidate) committed to being a caring partner in your wellness journey

Read more about what to expect, the difference between a Yoga therapist and a private Yoga teacher, and if Yoga therapy might be a good fit for you, on the FAQ page.

Ready to Get Started?

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