What Clients Are Saying

Breanne is a different kind of teacher. She isn’t focused on athletics like so many others are. Her sessions are much more therapeutic, and go much deeper than any other experience I've had with yoga. I have a hard time going to other teachers because I can’t keep up, they’re just too intense and aggravating for me. I have been a student of Breanne’s for several years and I often stop whatever I’m in the middle of doing so I can practice with her.”




"During my time working with Breanne, I emerged with a greater understanding of myself and my patterns. One thing that Breanne was able to see right away was an aura of grief in the wake of the death of my mother. Although we had planned on working together for pain and osteoarthritis, Breanne was able to pivot masterfully and address the proverbial elephant in the room. Breanne was able to smoothly and organically utilize many different tools to treat me as a whole individual, as opposed to just the pain in my knees. She created a safe space to explore, and after each session I felt renewed and inspired.”




"l loved feeling so relaxed and calm after our sessions. I am also surprised by how interesting the process of Yoga Therapy is—how it’s so customized."




"I didn't know what to expect when I began working with Breanne. I never practiced yoga or really any sort of mindfulness before, I'm not exactly a "stereotypical yogi". But I was looking for something different, and I am so glad I jumped in with both feet! Her demeanor is really calming and nurturing, but still helps me stay accountable to my home practices. A true pro at what she does. I have been learning so much about myself. Even my family told me they've noticed huge changes in how I interact with them - they've all said I'm so much more calm and focused and apparently more pleasant to be around. I can't thank her enough."


- K.N.


"It is empowering to have tools that seem to create a shift in how I feel physically and emotionally ... I notice a shift in having more accepting thoughts, more happiness, and more acceptance. A feeling of ‘it is okay.’”


- D.S.


“The essence of yoga is to be nourished and connected.  We all seek this as humans. Breanne has a rare gift of being able to support this process through her dedication and commitment to people like me. She has an equitable approach - and is aware of my needs. That really helps me feel safe and seen. I highly recommended working with her.”


- C.MD.


“Breanne is approachable and generates warm light. My main goal through yoga therapy was feeling more within my physical body. The different techniques I learned and Breanne’s calming sense … have been helping me. She can introduce you to new avenues of energy healing …”


- P.P.


“(Breanne’s) therapist 'voice' and yoga teacher voice go hand in hand … I love (her)  old soul wisdom … The tools Breanne provided were invaluable. I use them every day  … and visuals are easily accessible any time I need them.”


- C.M.


"Since working with Breanne, I feel like I have a more solid and accessible kit of tools to pull from. Now, when I find 5 or 10 minutes to practice yoga or self-soothe, I waste less of that (precious) time trying to decide what to do; I simply pick one of the practices outlined in the (very helpful!) post-session summaries that Breanne provided. 

In terms of shifts in belief/mindset, I've also become less hard on myself about only "counting" yoga practices that are 30 minutes to an hour long. Through my work with Breanne, I've seen how powerful an effect just a few minutes of yoga can have on my day and my state of being (both physical and emotional).

I've found some of the imagery that Breanne offered for me incredibly useful and effective. Almost daily, I come back to (what we) discussed, and it provides me with a sense of calmness and rootedness. 

I am also really grateful for the ways in which Breanne tailored our work to my existing beliefs and rituals/practices, for example, by helping me incorporate … words that I find meaningful into these newer yoga skills. Breanne was supportive, encouraging me to stick with the more challenging practices, and provided alternative breathing exercises as well.

Breanne is patient, understanding, wise, and very flexible and open in terms of meeting the client where they are. She is a great listener and provides relevant, useful resources based on the client's needs and interests."


- K.S.


“I sought yoga therapy because of some grief I was going through and due to some recent physical difficulties. I felt like each session I left feeling refreshed … Breanne really knows how to tailor the practices towards your goals and needs and provides you with practices to easily incorporate into your daily life. She really listened to my needs and adjusted our practice to suit me. I felt seen.”


- M.P


“Breanne is caring and professional. Her sessions are meticulously planned but is adept at scrapping said plans if they do not work for the client. It has been interesting to explore feeling into what feels good and what is calling out for healing.”


- M.K.