About Breanne

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The single most important lesson I've been learning as an artist + entrepreneur: I need to take care of myself.

Because owning a small business is really effing hard.
It's not just about the physically demanding labor in order to create (fill in the blank). It requires having the business acumen and time management skills and all the marketing and social media-ing (and endless technology snafus) to actually offer it to others. Not to mention the confidence and courage to even try. And the financial risk. Let's not forget about mindset and confronting our own demons and beliefs and fears about our self-worth. Did I mention the stress and burnout?
It takes one to know one.

When I don't prioritize my own health and well-being, my work suffers. And when my work suffers, my business suffers. And when my business suffers, nobody benefits.


I have been a dedicated student of Yoga for more than 16+ years. Having a dedicated practice is non-negotiable - not just as a teacher and Yoga therapist, but as an artist and business owner. When my body hurts because I've been hunched over the sewing machine or bent over the dye bath in my textile studio without moving for hours on end, few things are as helpful as a practice to get the energy flowing again. I practice in order to care for my emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. It's all connected.


(I am also a neurodivergent person with a disability; I have lifelong experience navigating anxiety and depression; I have lived with disordered eating, obesity, and significant weight loss (80 pounds), and I am also a Fulbright Scholar.) 


So here I am: weaving together my background as an artist, small business owner, Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, and educator into something I tangible I can offer you. Fully customized support to help you and your business thrive - through 1:1 sessions, specialized workshops and trainings, and personal anecdotes I've been learning along the way as a fellow human.



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My approach is heart-centered, contemplative, multi-sensory, and inclusive for people with diverse bodies, abilities, and backgrounds. Drawing from extensive training in Classical Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Somatics, Ayurveda, and Yoga therapy, my offerings are a balance of esoteric, ancient wisdom and evidence-based practices rooted in modern western science. Our work together may include a wide range of simple and effective tools, techniques, and practices, such guided visualization, mantra, breathing, postures, Qigong (energy work), mudra (hand gestures), somatics, among many others.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and I will meet you wherever you are on your journey. My only requirement is your commitment to your own healing through consistent practice. That’s it.

Learn more about Yoga therapy, book a 1:1 sessionregister for an upcoming workshop, or contact me.

May it be of benefit.




I look forward to working together.


Breanne :)