About Breanne

Change can be challenging. 
And I know - on a cellular level - a little something about making meaningful, transformative change through daily lifestyle habits. 
While I have specialized professional training and credentials to support you, my lived experience is my most authentic, heartfelt offering I can share - if it informs your decision to work together.
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Weight: As a former woman of size, I have extensive experience living with obesity, disordered eating, and distorted body image. I had to learn how to inhabit a body - and world - that felt awkward and unfamiliar after my healthy 80-pound weight loss through a shift in mindset and understanding my relationship with food, movement, and my mind. I was confronted with deep existential questions about who I thought I was. The body is always in transition, and its size and shape will change. 

Medical: I have navigated anxiety and depression for most of my years. I also live with a neurodevelopmental condition that has affected every aspect of my life since birth, and which profoundly informs how I move through the world. After 42 years of struggling without the necessary supports, I finally received the correct medical diagnosis. This has been simultaneously confusing, upsetting, validating, and profoundly life-changing. It's as if I've been wearing the wrong lenses my whole life, and I can now finally wear the correct prescription. Both nothing - and everything - changed about who I thought I am. I am not my diagnosis, and yet it explains so much. Such is the paradox of identity. 

Grief: I lost five of my most meaningful relationships in rapid succession while in isolation during the height of the pandemic lockdown. I learned that grief is dynamic and never fully leaves us, and that healing is a messy process. We must grieve what we lost in order to more authentically and gracefully unfold into our next chapter - with the recognition that grief can also be a gift. We are offered the opportunity to see clearly, to reinvent ourselves, to prioritize what's really important to us when it feels like we are starting from scratch on razed soil. This is not easy.

Moving: In my early 30s, I moved to a new city in a different state - 1,000 miles away - for a dream job, alone, and without a support network. The difficulty of creating a new life for myself cannot be overstated. 

Career: I resigned from my longtime career as a highly accomplished classroom teacher to pursue a more sustainable quality of life. I tried leaving the profession three times, each during a different school year. But I kept coming back because I didn't know who I was outside of my career and professional accomplishments. If I wasn't a teacher, who was I? So much more, it turns out. So. Much. More. And you are too.

Overwork + Overwhelm: I started two businesses while in school, navigating profound grief, during the pandemic lockdown. This experience taught me that I had an inner well of strength to help me navigate my relationship with stress.

My wellness journey profoundly informs how I move through the world, how I approach my work, and why I value equitable access to personalized wellness and healthcare. While I can neither heal you, practice for you, nor give you a pill, I can support you in feeling better.  
I specialize in crafting holistic, fully customized therapeutic programs through a simple and effective, trauma-sensitive, multisensory approach that integrates time-tested ancient wisdom with evidence-based, modern Western science. I have an extensive professional background in Yoga, education and training, and behavioral change, mental health, and emotional intelligence curriculum design. As well, I am also a Fulbright scholar, committed to rigorous academic study and application of current research. 

Access and equity are at the core of what I do and why. My approach is simple, effective, trauma-sensitive, and multi-sensory, and may include wide range of tools, techniques, and practices rooted in evidence-based science and ancient wisdom traditions. Some examples may include guided visualization, mantra, breathing, postures, Qigong (energy work), mudra (hand gestures), somatics, among many others.

I work with a wide range of clients from a variety of backgrounds, including those new to Yoga to highly seasoned teachers, regardless of age, gender, sex, ethnicity, or identity. Wellness is for everyone, not just the privileged few.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and I will meet you wherever you are on your journey. My only requirement is your commitment to your own healing through consistent practice. That’s it.


I value consent, non-harm, and honest communication; my intention is to live in alignment with and actively seek communities who also embody this code of ethics.

I also value humility. If your needs are beyond my scope of practice, I may offer referrals to other healthcare providers who can provide appropriate support. 


Get started here or learn more about what to expect. 

You can also contact me. I look forward to connecting.