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Ready to invest in yourself and your work with real, tangible results? I would love to help. Several upcoming workshops, many more to come. Easy registration below.

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Our addictive tendencies don’t always have a look a certain way; our distractions of choice vary from one person to the next. But at the root is a seeking outside of ourselves.

This is a 6 week series consisting of weekly 75 minute small group Yoga therapy sessions. It is open to anyone who identifies as an artist, creative, or entrepreneur with a desire to examine and transform limiting behaviors, addictive tendencies, or self-sabotaging habits or thought patterns into more vitality, creativity, and ease. Just imagine what might be possible for your life and business. No prior experience with Yoga is required.

Each class will include a teaching, compassionate conversation, a practice, and an opportunity for group check-ins. This series will be facilitated through the lens of Yoga, Ayurvedic science (lifestyle wisdom), and modern Western science, and will include a range of practices you can take with you into daily life, including mindful movement, breath, mantra and guided meditation, among others.

 When you register, you will complete an intake form and liability waiver, and  will schedule a complimentary pre-workshop 1:1 call. This provides you an additional layer of support so you can ask questions and know what to expect during the workshop series. I want you to get the most out of our time together, so I am offering this opportunity to connect ahead of time. 

I look forward to meeting - and helping you and your business thrive. 


$169 for the entire series (*payment plan available + includes additional special offer below)

Open to All (Yoga experience not required)

*Additional included special offer: when you register for the series, you will also be given a discount code for fully personalized 1:1 Yoga therapy sessions if you would like this opportunity (3 session Intro Package valued at $360; special rate only available to workshop participants: $295)

**This workshop is being offered as my final Yoga therapy certification practicum, with mentorship from my teacher Durga Leela and her methodology, Yoga of Recovery.

What else is included?

• Tools and techniques to shift unhelpful habits, addictive tendencies, and self-sabotage into more vitality + creativity to devote to your life and work

• A simple + effective wellness plan you can easily integrate into daily life

• Personalized support accountability through group Yoga therapy

• Complimentary intake + 1:1 support

• Network with like-minded artists + creative entrepreneurs in your community 

**Payment plan available! 

About Breanne (why I created this series)

It takes one to know one. 

When I don't prioritize my own health and well-being, my work suffers. And when my work suffers, my business suffers. And when my business suffers, nobody benefits.

I have navigated a lifetime of unhelpful habits, addictive tendencies, self-sabotage and self-soothing behaviors, including disordered eating, self-harm, workaholism, mindless scrolling, and searching in other people for something I felt I lacked. As someone who lives with a neurodevelopmental condition, anxiety, and depression, I have also navigated obesity and healthy weight loss (80 pounds). I intimately understand my own tendencies and how to shift unhealthy habits into a more sustainable (and joyful!) lifestyle. 

I crafted this series to help others like me who are ready to gain clarity into the beliefs and tendencies that may no longer serve - for those who seek to transform unhelpful tendencies into more vitality and ease to devote to life, work and business. 

Simply, I want to help you imagine what might be possible.