Corporate Peri/Menopause Programs

Menopause is having a moment. 

If your company is not adding peri/menopause near the top of the list of your workplace programs and accommodations, might I ask: Why Not?

Benefits of adding Yoga therapy to your corporate wellness plan: 

✅ Keep your top talent. I'm guessing women are the backbone of your company. Midlife transitions are no joke. Women are leaving the workforce due to lack of support for life changes beyond their control. Hiring is expensive. Why try to fill those vacancies when all they needed was a more robust wellness option to keep them there in the first place...

✅ personalized employee support and inputs → improved moral → increased outputs

✅ competitive edge over the vast majority (practically all) of other corporate wellness programs

Contact me to discuss your specific needs. I'd love to help.

Imagine what might be possible...