Self-study is the heart of healing.

If you are ready to take your study, teaching, and business to the next level: I would love to support you.

I offer mentoring, professional development, teacher trainings, and specialized workshops for teachers, studio owners, and sincere seekers of Yoga. Imagine what might be possible.

Areas of speciality:

• How to create more accessible, equitable, inclusive studios, spaces, and classes

• Trauma-informed best practices in a variety of formats, especially in hot yoga

• Designing customized curricula and trainings to meet your specific needs

• How to integrate a wider range of practices beyond just asana into public classes - including Classical Hatha and Ayurveda

• Leading studio-wide professional development and teacher trainings

• Mentoring brand new through highly seasoned teachers


A little about my qualifications:

• 21 years teaching experience: secondary classroom, Yoga, professional development

• Designing and leading professional development trainings and workshops

• Curriculum design background, including training manuals, social-emotional intelligence, and Yoga teacher training

• Lifelong experience navigating life with a disability, a neurodevelopmental condition that affects nearly every aspect of my life, including my ability to participate in most public yoga classes

Interested? Contact me here.

I look forward to connecting :)